Why figure skating?


I’ve been involved in figure skating since I was a kid. I first stepped on ice when I was 4 and I started practicing when I was 7. Since that time I’ve been also watching figure skating championships on tv. 


Today I don’t officially practice or complete, although I always go to an ice rink whenever I have a chance. But what is still with me is passion for this sport. I love it more than anything else and I’m truly grateful that it exists in my life.


Why is it so special for me? Well, I would highlight three key points - diversity, artistry and experience. First of all, I find it exciting that each skater is unique, has his or her own style, technique, personality. Each skater adds something new and different to the world of figure skating, develops it and makes it much more interesting to follow. Secondly, figure skating is perhaps the only sport that gives an opportunity for athletes to turn their performances into artworks. Despite some rule framework, this sport gives enough flexibility in terms of choreography, program composition and music choice which allows athletes to transfer particular meanings and interpret characters through their performances and make the audience feel and contemplate it. It’s beyond beautiful. It’s touching and full of meanings. Thirdly, figure skating is about full emotional experience. Both on an individual scale - a separate performance, and a larger scale - an event or a season. As a fan of particular skaters, I experience all sorts of emotions when those skaters perform. I get excited, nervous, sad or happy. I often cry because I get touched by emotional performances. On a larger scale, the whole figure skating world is like a TV drama with an infinite number of seasons. Each event is an episode, each skater is an actor. The bonus of this drama is that there are no spoilers - you only get to know the outcome in real time. And all the things are 100% real. Isn’t it cool?


I have my favourite skaters that I support with all my heart. There are also skaters that I’m not particularly fond of. But I respect and admire all skaters. Having an experience of practicing this sport gave a good understanding of what every skater goes through. They need to be good at literally everything - from muscular strength to endurance to dance. They need to be both physically and emotionally prepared and to balance between technique and artistry. Can you imagine how much work it requires? I can. And that’s why I admire all skaters who go through this uneasy way and contribute to the development of this figure skating.

Through photography I try to express my love towards this sport and admiration to all skaters. Figure skating is about performance, and the best way to enjoy it is to watch from the beginning till the end. However, photography allows me to capture moments that might not be so obvious to a spectator. My aim is always to capture the most beautiful movements and most touching expressions. I hope my photos allow you to explore the diversity and richness of figure skating!

P.S. I'm always open for cooperation to cover figure skating events. Please contact me if you have any questions!