Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a paradise for nature lovers. Beautiful mountains, spectacular tea plantations and numerious farms where you can buy any kind of a plant or try delicious fresh strawberries. Given the nice outdoor temperature (just 20-25°C), this place is just perfect for relaxing and connecting with nature. The only issue was public transport which you can't trust there at all... So my advice would be to arrive early and book a full-day tour in one of the tour agency there, because even renting a car is quite an issue there.

Time Tunnel

Another highlight of our trip to Cameron Highlands was Time Tunnel Museum.Basically, it's a huge collection of allkinds of antque and vintage stuff - from old coins and notes to books, calendars, postcards and letters. Everything was so interesting that, unlike other tourists who spent there just a while, we spent there perhaps more than two hours trying to explore the whole collection. The atmosphere helps even more - it feels as if you're traveling back to the past, while the interior makes perfect scenes for taking pics!