Hi there!

I’m Iana (Yana), an amateur photographer born in Kaliningrad and currently residing in Moscow (Russia). 

I discovered my interest in photography in my childhood when I was gifted with my first digital camera at the age of about 10. The fact that I could capture any moment and always have it on a picture truly amazed me, and my interest has grown into a great passion. Actually, I’ve never done any photography course. Instead, I learn about photography and photo-editing through experience and curiosity. You might have noticed already that I love traveling and capture various sceneries, especially natural landscapes.


My another passion is figure skating which I’ve been involved in since I was a kid. Started as a skater and continued as a fan, I also realised that I could combine photography and figure skating to show how much I appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this sport. Through photography I try my best to capture the most beautiful moments and show the artistry of figure skating. Normally I travel to watch figure skating events as a fan, but I also worked as an official photographer at the Coupe du Printempts 2016 and Russian National Championships 2020. By the way, I'm open for cooperation with any sport media for covering figure skating events. Please contact me if you're interested!

Finally, I do all sorts of photoshooting, including personal or family photoshooting, events, celebrations... I can even photograph your doggie! So please contact me if you want to hire me for a photoshoot.

I am open for cooperation, so don’t hesitate to contact me via email or social media if you’re interested. Also contact me if you want to purchase any photo from this website.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website!

Contact details:

My email: yanablumka97@gmail.com

Instagram/twitter: @yanablumka

Figure skating photos instagram: @yanablumka_fs

Whatsapp/Telegram: +79622641709

VK: vk.com/yanablumka97

Linkedin: Iana Saveleva

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