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I’m Iana (Yana), an amateur photographer born in Kaliningrad, Russia.

I discovered my interest in photography in my childhood when I was gifted with my first digital camera at the age of about 10. The fact that I could capture any moment and always have it on a picture truly amazed me, and my interest has grown into a great passion. Actually, I’ve never done any photography course. Instead, I learn about photography and photo-editing through experience and curiosity. You might have noticed already that I love traveling and capture various sceneries, especially natural landscapes.


Another passion of my life is figure skating which I’ve been into since I was a kid. Started as a skater and continued as a fan, I’ve also realised that I could combine photography and figure skating to show how much I appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this sport. Through photography, I’m trying my best to capture the most beautiful moments and show the artistry of figure skating. Normally I travel to watch figure skating events as a fan, but I also worked as an official photographer at the Coupe du Printempts 2016 and Russian National Championships 2020.

Although I mainly focus on travel and figure skating photography, I enjoy all kinds of photography, including portraits, products, events and so forth.

I am open for cooperation, so don’t hesitate to contact me via email or social media if you’re interested.

Also contact me if you want to purchase any photo from this website.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website!

My email: yanablumka97@gmail.com

Instagram/twitter: @yanablumka

Figure skating photos instagram: @yanablumka_fs

Whatsapp/Telegram: +79622641709

VK: vk.com/yanablumka97

Linkedin: Iana Saveleva

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